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Tamil Strm and Tamil Strm Devo are online radio stations from France which is also available through Lyca TV IPTV box. 




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Off-air Tamil TVs in Europe Off-air Tamil Radios in Europe
  • TRT Tamil Ozhi TV
  • TTN Tamil Ozhi TV
  • Mathuram TV (TBO)
  • Tamil24 TV
  • Euro TV Tamil
  • Vectone Tamil
  • Vectone Thirai
  • Ayngaran-Kalaignar TV
  • Ayngaran-Jaya TV
  • Cee(I)TV Tamil (South For You)
  • Ohm TV
  • Omkara TV
  • DAN TRT Tamil Ozhi
  • DAN Yarl Oli
  • DAN Jaya TV
  • DAN Raj TV
  • Rainbow TV
  • Blessing TV
  • Deepam News 24x7 (IPTV)
  • DBX Movies (IPTV)
  • DBX Music (IPTV)
  • DBX Comedy (IPTV)
  • Oru Radio
  • UBC Thamil Vanoli / TBC London
  • Thaalam FM
  • Radio Toronto (ITBC Canada)
  • DAN/TRT Tamil Alai
  • Sangamam Radio (ETBC London)
  • ABC Tamil Oli (TRT Tamil Oli)
  • Tamil International Radio (TIR)
  • International Tamil Radio (ITR)