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lycatvvslebaraplayOne of the leading IPTV-providers in Europe, Lebara Play, is loosing the lead to the rival, Lyca TV. Compared to Lyca TV, Lebara Play had the advantage that the Sun Network channels were only available through Lebara Play in Europe. But recently Lyca TV has got the license to telecast Sun TV, KTV, Sun Music and Adithya TV in Europe - and besides these channels which Lebara Play also have, Lyca TV has also got the license to telecast Sun Life, which is a channel from Sun Network for classic music and movies.

Recently TET HD, which is a Tamil general entertainment channel from Canada, has also joined Lyca TV. The channel was available through Lebara Play but was later removed due to disagreement regarding new movies aired on TET HD. Zee Tamil has also joined Lyca TV recently.

While Lyca TV has added more channels and strengthened itself, not so much has happend on Lebara Play. The latest TV channel added on Lebara Play is IBC Isai, and recently IBC Tamil Radio was also launched on Lebara Play. Lyca TV has already a section of Tamil radio stations. 

Lebara Play is the exclusive provider of the popular IBC Tamil TV from UK, and no other TV-channels from Europe - like GTV, Deepam TV or TTN Tamil Oli have been added to Lebara Play.
The IPTV provider also have a lot of Christian channels in the package but no channels for Tamil Hindus or Muslims.

Here we have to say that Lyca TV is trying to reach all viewers and have a good strategy to reach a lot of viewers and subscribers through various channels. Even if Lyca TV has a bad reputation among many Tamils because they distribute Sri Lankan government channels and their anti-Eelam propaganda, their marketing team is doing considered move to reach out to many Tamils.

A typical subscriber would like to have many channels for the subscription they pay for. And to attract subscribers from other IPTV providers an IPTV provider is expected to improve the service, the number of channels etc. continually - and always try to be better than the rivals. So let's hope Lebara Play will get into the fight and make their service better.

Here is an overview of channels currently available through Lebara Play vs Lyca TV:

Channels Lyca TV Lebara Play
UK/Europe/Canada/USA channels:    
IBC Tamil TV no yes
Deepam TV yes  no 
Athavan TV yes no
GTV no no
TTN Tamil Oli no no
TET HD Canada yes no
Santhora TV yes no
Tharakai TV no yes
Tentkotta TV yes no
India Entertainment:    
Star Vijay TV no yes
Star Vijay TV (Live) yes yes
Sun TV (Europe) yes yes
Sun TV (India) no yes
Jaya TV yes yes
Jaya TV (India) no  yes
Kalaignar TV yes yes
Kalaignar TV (India) no yes
Makkal TV yes yes
Captain TV yes yes
Vendhar TV yes yes
Polimer TV yes yes
Puthu Yugam TV yes no
Raj TV  yes yes
Raj TV (India) no yes
Zee Tamil yes yes
Super TV no yes
Sri Lankan Entertainment:    
Shakthi TV no yes
DAN Tamil Oli yes no
Vasantham TV  yes no
Nethra TV  yes no
Movie channels:    
KTV yes yes
Raj Digital Plus yes yes
J Movie yes yes
Classic movies/music:    
Sun Life yes no
Kalaignar Murasu yes yes
Music channels:    
IBC Isai no yes
Sun Music yes yes
Jaya Max yes yes
Kalaignar Isai Aruvi yes yes
7S Music yes no
Peppers TV yes no
Raj Musix yes yes
News channels:    
Puthiya Thalaimurai yes yes
Thanthi TV yes yes
Raj News 24x7 yes yes
Kalaignar Seithigal no yes
Captain News no yes
Jaya Plus yes yes
News 7 no yes
DAN News yes no
Comedy channels:    
Adithya TV yes yes
Kalaignar Sirippoli yes yes
Kids channels:    
Kalaignar Chithiram yes yes
Hindu channels:    
Sri Sankara TV yes no
Ohm TV yes no
Ambaal TV yes no
Sivan TV yes no
SKTAT TV yes no
Christian channels:    
Angel TV yes yes
My Jesus TV yes yes
FCM TV yes no
Lord TV yes yes
Holy God yes yes
Holy Mary yes no
Madha TV no yes



   Lyca TV Lebara Play
 Channels from UK/Europe/Canada/USA: 5 2
 India entertainment channels: 11  15
 Sri Lankan channels: 3  1
 Music channels: 6 5
 News channels: 5 7
 Kids channels: 1 1
 Movie channels: 3 3
 Comedy channels: 2 2
 Classic movies/music 2 1
 Hindu channels: 5 0
 Christian channels: 6 5
 Total amount of channels: 49 42


   Lyca TV Lebara Play
 Recorded programmes: 7 days 7 days
 Free trial: no 14 days
 Registered devices: 12 Unlimited
 Movies: 500+ 500+
Refer another person: up to 8 months free no

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