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santhorashortfilmtvThe Germany-based Santhora Media has launched the first 24H Tamil shortfilm channel in HD on Lyca TV. Named Santhora Shortfilm TV, the channel will be playing selected Shortfilms made by talented artists around the World. Currently the channel is playing shortfilms unscheduled, but work is going on to air shortfilms based on a TV-schedule. Shortfilm producers are welcome to submit their movies to Santhora Shortfilm TV through their email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Santhora Shortfilm TV is the 3rd channel from Santhora Media, which is already running Santhora TV (playing Tamil Talented Artist’s music creations around Europe), and Tamil Business TV (playing longer commercials than on traditional TV commercials so the companies can promote themselves better). 

Both Santhora TV and Tamil Business TV are available through the pay-TV IPTV-provider, Lyca TV, and for free through their respective websites. Santhora Media is also planning to launch Santhora Kids TV in the near future on Lyca TV.