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lycatvclassicA new channel for classic Tamil and Hindi music, Lyca TV Classic, has launched on Lyca TV IPTV platform. The channel was launched on Diwali and is available as a pay-TV channel for Lyca TV subscribers. Already Lyca TV is running a general Tamil music channel, called Lyca TV Music HD, on Lyca TV. This channel is competing directly with IBC Music, which is available on Lebara Play IPTV platform. Both channels would like to be a platform for music produced by  independent Tamil artists living abroad. 

ibcisaiLyca TV is doing a major effort to be a step ahead IBC Music, and they are currently doing more different programmes on Lyca TV Music HD. IBC Music is mostly playing re-runs music-programmes from IBC Tamil TV along with categorized back-to-back music and a block of independent artists music. And now Lyca TV is again a step ahead IBC with a new offer for music lovers with the launch of Lyca TV Classic. A lot of improvement and innovation is needed if IBC shall compete with Lyca TV Music channels.