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dantvnetworkAsk Media Network has relaunched its website for DAN TV Network, and is now offering live telecast of its channels; DAN Tamil Oli, DAN Music, DAN News, Yarl TV, Kalvi TV, Ohm TV, Holymary TV and Pirai TV. Currently the channels are available for free, but will later be available as pay-TV channels for only 100 Rupees (LKR) per month. DAN Tamil Oli was available in Europe for a period and was a Sri Lankan mouthpiece for anti-Eelam propaganda.

While the final war was going on in Sri Lanka in 2007 between the Sri Lankan forces and tamil freedom fighters from Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, DAN Tamil Oli was mentioning the Tamil freedom fighters as terrorists. Because of this and because the channel was only telecasting low quality programmes, the channel lost lot of viewers and ceased satellite broadcasting in Europe. 

Currently the channels from DAN TV Network are regarded as low-quality channels telecasting anti-Eelam propaganda compared to high quality Eelam channels from UK, Canada etc. 

The channels from DAN TV Network can be viewed from this website: www.dantv.tv.