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ibcsiluvaiLondon Tamil Media Ltd. has launched their 5th channel, IBC Siluvai. The channel is about Christianity and it is possible to watch the test transmission live through "MY IBC TAMIL" app on mobile devices, tablets and android TV boxes. The test transmission was launched yesterday evening on MY IBC TAMIL app, but the launch of the new channel was mentioned today on IBC Tamil Radios 21th birthday. 

Soon it will be possible to listen/watch all London Tamil Media Ltd.'s channels; IBC Tamil Radio, IBC Tamil TV, IBC Isai, IBC Pagadi, IBC Bakthi and IBC Siluvai on their own Vadali IPTV Box, which is going to be launched in a week. The box is free for all IBC Neyar Mandram members. 

More channels from IBC is expected in the near future on Vadali IPTV box. It is known that a kids channel, IBC Malalai, will be launched - and a news channel and a channel for movies/shortfilms are also expected. 

All IBC channels are also available for free through IBCTamil.com and IBC Siluvai will be added too. IBC Tamil TV, IBC Isai, IBC Pagadi and IBC Bakthi are also available through the pay-IPTV provider, Yupp TV.

MEDIA ASIA wish IBC Tamil Radio a happy birthday and best wishes to all their presenters for doing a great job.