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ibctamilIBC Tamil TV and IBC Tamil Radio are going to leave Eurobird 9B satellite on 31st December. The channels are going to follow the trend among Tamil media in Europe where many Tamil TV- and radio channels have left satellite transmission. Satellite transmission is very expensive and because many Tamil viewers in Europe have shifted the satellite decoder with an IPTV box from various providers, many Tamil channels have left Eurobird 9A on 9 degree East. 

Currently only following Tamil channels are available on satellite: 

Eurobird 9B (9 degree East):

  • IBC Tamil TV
  • IBC Tamil Radio
  • Athavan TV
  • Athavan Radio
  • Star Vijay TV
  • Holy God TV
  • NLM TV

Eutelsat Hotbird (13 degree East):

  • Angel TV Europe

It is expected that Athavan TV and Athavan Radio is also going to leave satellite transmission soon. 

IBC Tamil is currently running following channels: 

  1. IBC Tamil TV
  2. IBC Isai (Music)
  3. IBC Pagadi (Comedy)
  4. IBC Bakthi (Hinduism)
  5. IBC Siluvai (Christianity)
  6. IBC Tamil Radio 
  7. IBC Malalai (Kids) - upcoming children's channel. 
  8. IBC News 24x7 - upcoming news channel. 

All IBC channels are available for free through IBC's app "My IBC Tamil" on mobile devices. The channels are also available for free on IBC's own IPTV box - Vadalai IPTV if you are a member of IBC Neyar Mandram and live through IBC's website. 
Then IBC TV-channels are also available as pay-TV channels on the popular global IPTV-platform - Yupp TV. 

Lyca has also recently launched "Athavan Play" app on mobile devices, where you can watch Athavan TV, Athavan Music HD and Athavan Classic HD for free, and the channels are also available for free on Athavan website. Besides Athavan TV channels are also available on the pay-TV platform Lyca IPTV. 

Channels like Sun TV, KTV, Deepam TV, GTV, TRT Tamil Olli Radio, European Tamil Radio, London Tamil Radio, ILC Tamil Radio (all earlier satellite channels in Europe), are currently only available as online channels/IPTV today on various platforms/websites. 

It will be interesting to see which channels will leave satellite next.