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lebaraplayLebara, a telecoms company that offers migrants across Europe cheap international phone calls, has to file audited annual results next week or it will risk a technical default on its bonds.

The €350m bond in question is trading at deeply distressed levels after several errors in the company’s financial reporting, which Lebara’s management have attributed to a “genuine mistake”. Here’s a chart of the bond price:

atnRepublic TV, India’s leading English-language news channel has announced its foray into the North American continent by way of having its linear programming content aired nationally in Canada on a 24 hour licensed Canadian news service of ASIAN TELEVISION NETWORK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (ATN) (TSXV-SAT).

Founded by stalwart journalist Arnab Goswami, Republic TV is the newest entrant to the English news space in India. Breaking records with 52 per cent market share* in its first week of broadcast it is now the de-facto leader in the genre.

focustvkannadaThe Indian media will never let go of an opportunity to milk the most of the country's favourite event - elections. Channels know that it is a time when people switch over from other genres to news.

The Karnataka Assembly election 2018 is just around the corner and many broadcasters have recently launched new Kannada news channels to not miss out on the event. However, even national channels are cashing in. A bunch of channels was all launched in the last couple of months including iTV network’s NewsX Kannada, Focus group’s Focus TV Kannada and Swaraj express SMBC’s Swaraj Express Kannada.

ibctamilIBC Tamil TV, which was launched in UK in 2015, and is telecasting from its studio in London, has expanded its service to the "capital" of the homeland of Eelam Tamils, Jaffna. Already some programmes were produced by IBC Tamil in Sri Lanka since the launch in 2015 - for example Vanakkam Thainadu and the serial, Marma Kulal.
Even if IBC has an office in Colombo and a production team in Jaffna, it was missing a headquater for all its activities to produce high quality programmes from Sri Lanka to diaspora Tamils. That wish came true with the opening of IBC Tamil Jaffna studio in January 2018. At the opening ceremony the owner of IBC Tamil, Kandiah Baskaran, told the guests that soon IBC Tamil TV would be available in Jaffna too. Yesterday IBC Tamil TV was launched in Sri Lanka through TV Lanka Digital TV package on DVB-T.