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tharakaitvTamil.de from Germany has bought the website domain of Tharakai TV (www.tharakai.tv) and currently visitors of the domain are redeirected to Tamil.de website's page for Santhora TV and Tamil Business TV.

Tharakai TV was a Tamil TV-channel from Canada and was launched in 2016 and the aim of the channel was to stand above the crowd of IP TV’s in Tamil households and programming in line with international best practices. For instance, unlike other channels, Tharakai TV was concerned about artists’ promotion. This was their way of contributing to the growth of the Tamil Independent industry. Respect for the hard work artistes put into their music is something conventional media is known for, and Tharakai TV operated in line with this perspective.

The channel produced some of its own programmes along with independent artists' programmes, music and shortfilms. The channel was also available through Lebara Play IPTV provider for a period and live for free through their website. 

Due to some unknown reasons the channel is currently off-air and they have also moved out of their studio in Canada, and the studio building is now taken over by IBC Tamil's Canada division, which is going to be launched soon. 

santhoratvRumours says that Tharakai TV is going to be relaunched by Germany based Tamil.de, which is already offering Santhora TV, Santhora Shortfilm TV and Tamil Business TV. It is still unknown if the old team from Tharakai TV in Canada is going to work with the relaunch of the channel, but it is sure that Tamil.de is going to take Tharakai TV under its umbrella and run the channel again. 

Tamil.de's channels, Santhora TV and Tamil Business TV are already telecasting for free through their website and all the channels from Tamil.de are also available through Lyca TV IPTV provider.