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suvarnaSuvarna TV, the Kannada entertainment channel from Star Network, is taking the second season of its reality show Pyate Mandi Kadige Bandru (City Folks Come to Forest) to the Andaman Islands. The first season was shot at Karntaka's Dandeli forest near a village on the river Kali.

The second season of the show will premiere on 31 October and will air every Monday to Friday at 8 pm. The channel has once again roped in actor and dancer Akul Balaji to anchor the show.

As per the channel, the Andaman Island's form the main attraction of the reality show.The Jarawa tribes, one of the oldest Adivasi communities of these islands; the Circular Jail, resembling a pigeon home, built during the British regime; uncertain whether conditions; thick forests facing the beaches... all these form a backdrop for the reality show.

The participants - 16 city girls and boys, who are used to luxuries and easy going lifestyles