lebaraplayLebara Play - a leading Tamil IPTV provider, has been sold to another leading South Asian IPTV-provider, Yupp TV. The take-over was announced through Lebara Play today with a general message, where Lebara Play is thanking all subscribers and their support, and that Lebara Play now becomes Yupp TV. 

All set-top-boxes from Lebara Play will be migrated to Yupp TV through an update, which is nescessary to do to continue watching TV-channels from Yupp TV. The update has to be done before 19th April and after that it will not be possible to use Lebara Play service. 

Subscription terms & conditions, subscription plans, free months, etc. will remain the same as now. Customers will also have access to existing channels from Lebara Play (IBC channels will not be available on Yupp TV), besides new channels from Yupp TV like Polimer TV, KBO Movies, Puthuyugam TV, Polimer News, TamilOne TV Canada, Dheeran TV etc.

Yupp TV is currently in talks with IBC Tamil TV Network to offer their channels in their package. 

For more information regarding the migration from Lebara Play to Yupp TV, please visit: 

Yupp TV is an well-established IPTV provider with a lot of subscribers and precense in many parts of the world. Compared to Lyca TV, Yupp TV is much bigger and you get more channels and movies. 

ibctamilThe take-over was not expected and has left London Tamil Media Ltd., which is operating IBC channels (IBC Tamil TV, IBC Isai, IBC Pagadi, IBC Bakthi, and IBC Tamil Radio) without any IPTV platform for distribution of their channels. IBC Tamil was promoting Lebara Play and was a big player in getting subscribers to the IPTV service. When Lebara was sold to the Swiss company, Palmarium, it was not clear what would happen to Lebara Play. But IBC Tamil continued their co-operation with Lebara Play and was expecting to launch more channels through Lebara Play. 

For Lebara Play customers who have migrated to Yupp TV and are no longer able to watch IBC Tamil channels, it is possible to watch all IBC Tamil channels free-to-air on IBC Tamil website and through our website and through MY IBC TAMIL app. IBC Tamil viewers are also welcome to write to Yupp TV (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and suggest them to add IBC Tamil channels in their Tamil package. 

Please keep an eye on Media Asia website for information about if IBC channels will be available on Yupp TV in the near future. 



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