lycatvLyca has rebranded its music channels, Lyca TV Music HD and Lyca TV Classic, to Athavan Music and Athavan Classic. Both channels are available through Lyca TV IPTV box and Lyca TV Music was also available for free on the channel's website,, which is now redirecting to Lyca TV Music's facebook page has also been closed down due to the changes. 

The rebranding of the channels is regarded as a move by Lyca TV to strenghten Athavan TV brand and to compete directly with the other strong media player among diaspora Tamils - IBC Tamil. 

IBC Tamil is already running a music channel, called IBC Isai, and the network is also running a  comedy channel, IBC Pagadi, a Hindu devotional channel, IBC Bakthi and a Christian channel, IBC Siluvai. IBC is also going to launch a kids channel and a news channel in the near future. 
The advantage of IBC Tamil is that is running very successfully in Europe with wellknown TV- and radio presenters and most of the programmes are produced by IBC itself from its studios in UK, France, India and Sri Lanka. Athavan TV is mainly telecasting programmes from another Indian Tamil TV channel called Puthuyugam TV. 

ibcisaiIBC Isai is telecasting music related programmes with presenters, which has been aired on IBC Tamil TV, along with some back-to-back songs programmes in different genres. It is also telecasting a daily block of music produced by diaspora Tamils to promote the talents of Eelam Tamils. 

athavanmusicAthavan Music and Athavan Classic are both telecasting back-to-back songs in different genres in a good HD quality. Between and during a programme same advertisements regarding Lyca TV and other Lyca products are aired the whole day - like IBC Isai is airing the same advertisement for IBC Newspaper over and over again between the programmes. 

athavanclassicAll the three channels are available free-to-view live through their respective websites, and they all reach a lot of Tamils living allround the world with access to internet. Apart from the same annoying Lyca advertisements on both Athavan Music and Athavan Classic, it seems to be that these channels are a step ahead IBC's music channel, which needs a lot of improvement. 

There is a big opportunity for both networks to improve their channels with more inhouse production and interactive programmes with its viewers - for example live request shows, the wellknown Indraiya Neyar programme, music related shows, live concerts etc. 

But now a days it has become easy to launch online channels and some providers think it's good to say that they have many channels in their network, but they don't think of improving these channels later. Here they can learn from Sun Network and its network of channels which are running successfull in India and abroad. 

Athavan TV, Athavan Music and Athavan Classic are available as pay-TV on Lyca TV IPTV box and free-to-view through



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