lycatvLyca TV has added some new channels on their IPTV box. The latest additions are; Pakalavan TV, Murugan TV, Bakthi TV, Netrikgun TV, Channel Three Sixteen and STS Tamil TV.
What is remarkable is the amount of Tamil channels from Europe among the popular Tamil TV-channels from India like Sun TV, Star Vijay etc. The channels are: 

  1. Santhora TV (Germany)
  2. Santhora Shortfilm TV (Germany)
  3. Tamil Business TV (Germany)
  4. STS Tamil TV (Germany)
  5. Deepam TV (UK)
  6. SKTAT TV (Hindu TV from UK)
  7. Tamil Nila TV (UK)
  8. Elim TV (Christian TV from UK)
  9. FCM TV (Christian TV from UK)
  10. My Jesus TV (Christian TV from UK)
  11. New Light TV (Christian TV from UK)
  12. Netrikgun TV (Swiss)
  13. Tamilan 24 TV (Swiss)
  14. Sivan TV (Hindu TV from Swiss)
  15. Pakalavan TV (Swiss)
  16. Murugan TV (Hindu TV from Swiss)
  17. HGTV (Christian TV from France)
  18. NLM TV (Christian TV from France)
  19. Bakthi TV (unknown)

Besides these channels, there are also two channels from Canada: 

  1. TVI HD
  2. TET HD
  3. Lord TV

Lyca TV has surprisingly removed the anti-Eelam DAN TV channels (except Channel Holy Mary), but added the EPDP channel, DD TV instead from Sri Lanka. They now have these channels from Sri Lanka: 

  1. Nethra TV
  2. Vasantham TV
  3. DD TV
  4. Channel Holy Mary
  5. Athavan TV 
  6. Athavan Music
  7. Athavan Classic

The remaining Indian TV-channels are: 

  1. Sun TV
  2. KTV
  3. Sun Music
  4. Adithya TV
  5. Sun Life
  6. Star Vijay
  7. Zee Tamil
  8. Kalaignar TV
  9. Kalaignar Chithiram
  10. Kalaignar Murasu
  11. Kalaignar Isai Aruvi
  12. Kalaignar Sirippoli
  13. Jaya TV HD
  14. Puthu Yugam TV
  15. Puthiya Thalaimurai TV
  16. Raj TV
  17. Raj News 24x7
  18. Raj Musix
  19. Raj Digital Plus
  20. Captain TV
  21. Polimer TV
  22. Dheeran TV
  23. Vendhar TV
  24. Sathiyam TV
  25. Madhimugam TV
  26. Super TV
  27. Makkal TV
  28. Thanthi TV
  29. Malai Murasu TV
  30. Lotus News
  31. Peppers TV
  32. 7S Music
  33. Madha TV
  34. Sri Sankara TV
  35. Angel TV
  36. Life TV
  37. Channel Three Sixteen
  38. Hosanna TV

Lyca TV has become the platform for "local" Tamil TV channels from Europe to reach a large amount of viewers around the world. The channels are not like the traditional flow-TV channels like IBC Tamil TV and Athavan TV, who are showing the programmes scheduled for every day. After the entry of IPTV providers and decrease of Tamil satellite TV channels, it has become more easy to launch web TV channels just playing back-to-back programmes without any TV-schedule. Some of the newly launched channels are also showing a big advertisement banner in the bottom of the screen during all programmes like the local TV channels in Tamil Nadu, which have more advertisement banners both on the top and on the bottom of the screen. It is actually not a good development because the advertisment banners are annoying to watch during a programme. 

Anyway - more channels more choice!