athavanplayLyca's Athavan media has launched a new app on mobile devices, where all Lyca's own radio- and TV-channels and their news website is presented in one app. With the new app you can watch and listen to following channels for free: 

  1. Athavan TV
  2. Athavan Music TV
  3. Athavan Classic TV
  4. Athavan Radio 
  5. Lyca Radio (Hindi)
  6. Dilse Radio (Hindi)

Besides it is also possible to watch Athavan News website in the app - and another important feature is the catch-up TV feature where you can watch the programmes shown on Lycas Athavan channels for the past 7 days arranged by the telecasted TV-schedule. 


It is first time that Lyca is launching an app for its TV-channels while the rival, IBC Tamil, is already running their app "MY IBC TAMIL", where it is possible to watch all IBC channels and radio: 

  1. IBC Tamil TV
  2. IBC Music
  3. IBC Comedy
  4. IBC Bakthi 
  5. IBC Siluvai 
  6. IBC Tamil Radio

Besides it is also possible to watch IBC Tamil newspaper, magazine and website through MY IBC TAMIL app - and as an user, you can also buy some live telecasting time to live telecast your event which will be saved for a limited period so it can be watched again + other features.

Even if Lyca is a little bit late with their app, they have done a very good job with the app and its features regarding the live telecast of their channels and the catch-up TV feature, which you can use on both mobile devices and android  TV boxes - compared to MY IBC TAMIL app which is not user-friendly for users of android TV boxes (the TV-player does not have a "show in fullscreen" button and the player is often hidden by the comment box. 

You are find Athavan Play app here on Google Play: 

MY IBC TAMIL app on Google Play: 



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