suntvExchange4Media: The company plans to spend Rs 200-250 crore on satellite rights acquisition.

Sun TV Network management has revealed that the company will make big investments in TV content and film content in FY22 and beyond. At the same time, OTT content investments will continue to take a backseat in the first half of the fiscal. The company plans to spend Rs 200-250 crore on satellite rights acquisition.

In the Q4 and FY21 earnings conference call, the company's management said that 5-6 big-budget, non-fiction shows based on the international format will be launched during the fiscal in Telugu and Malayalam markets. These shows comprising 30-40 episodes will run for 3-4 months and cost per show is expected to be Rs 25-30 crore.

"We are looking at some international format non-fiction shows. So, I think fiction, we have — even if you want to really up the quality and give some really fantastic products, I think maybe there could be a 30%, 40% increase in the cost. But this impact on non-fiction shows, which are basically having some limited number of episodes, this could be 40 to 50 episodes, that’s where I think we have contemplated, and we have planned. So that will be approximately in one market, it could be around Rs 20-25 crore is a total investment which will spread over three to four months," said Sun TV Network MD Mahesh Kumar.

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